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Vendor - Wearever Products
The Prime Life Fiber story started back in the early nineties, when Bob Deerin noticed that a flourishing industry in Europe for reusable incontinence underwear had no equivalent in the US market. Seeing an opportunity to provide a quality product at a lower overall cost, Bob and his partner in those early days started importing reusable incontinence undergarments from Europe.
The Wearever 3-Point Philosophy
The successful evolution of the company from those early days to its position of leadership today is based on a drive to develop the best incontinence products on the market. In order to do so, they must meet the following criteria:
Consistent quality and performance – "it has to work"
Fashionable, stylish designs – "it has to be comparable with regular, contemporary underwear"
Attractive pricing – "it has to be cheaper over its lifetime than its alternatives"
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Vendor - APCI Products
Absorbent Products Company, Inc. has been dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing quality absorbent products for the personal care and medical markets since 1989.
We specialize in manufacturing and distributing premium products that are designed with a focus on quality, comfort, and performance.
As a privately owned company, special interest and pride is taken in every product we produce. It is our mission to deliver the best quality, value and performance to the markets served.
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Vendor - Triumph Mobility Products
Triumph Mobility manufactures the Escape Rollator and we are proud to be exclusive distributors for Panthera rigid wheelchairs in Sweden, Amovida Wheelchair cushions from Germany and Rollz Motion Rollator/Transport Chairs from the Netherlands. These companies share our commitment to customer satisfaction which drives our business.
Triumph Mobility
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Vendor - Shield Line Products
Shieldline manufactures a wide range of disposable medical supplies at economical prices to help your bottom line.
• Gloves
• Ointments & Creams
• Wound Care
• Antiseptic Products
• Personnel Protection
• Personal Care
• Patient Care
• Incontinence Care
• And, many more...
Shield Line
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Vendor - EZ-ACCESS
EZ-ACCESS manufacturers a complete line of portable ramps, bathing accessories, and mobility accessories for the Homecare market place.
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Vendor - Golden Technologies Products
Golden Technologies is the leading manufacturer of Lift Chairs in the USA. They are also an emerging leader in power mobility products.
Golden Tech
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Vendor - Stander Products
Stander is the leading manufacturer of mobility assist products that are used in the home for daily living and for travel. They are beautifully packaged for retail sale.
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Vendor - Dr. Comfort Products
Dr. Comfort is the worldwide leading provider of diabetic footwear.
Dr. Comfort
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Vendor - Bell-Horn Products
Supplying the world with first-class orthopedics from head to toe since 1842.
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Vendor - Chattanooga Products
Equipment for treating musculoskeletal, neurological and soft tissue disorders.
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Vendor - Safe-er-Grip Products
MHI - Mommy's Helper Inc. is the leading manufacturer of the Safe-er-Grip (TM) suction cup balance assist bars & accessories.
• Best Packaging
• Best Quality
• Best Pricing
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Vendor - Vista International Corp Products
Founded in 1990, Vista International Corporation is an importer and distributor of high-quality umbrellas and novelty canes. Based in Roselle, NJ, Vista is home to a vast collection of umbrellas and novelty canes to fit every occasion. Originating with only umbrellas in Vista's collection, we carry a variety of unique everyday umbrellas for adults and children alike, as well as various golf umbrellas to suit your tastes. Specialty items include umbrellas used for weddings as well as dramatic productions. Our more unique products, such as the "Bubble Umbrella" and the "Double Umbrella" have been featured in magazines such as Real Simple (April 2005).
Vista Int'l Corp
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Vendor - Acuity Medical Products
Providing Innovative Solution Oriented Products to the Healthcare Community Since 1987.
Acuity Medical
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